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Embracing female entrepreneurship, Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd are very proud to be a BBBEE compliant, 100% woman owned company. We are committed to turning our ideas into reality and enjoy the creativity allowed to us through the variety of packaging mediums. According to Anna Pinto, the owner of Apak Packaging (Pty) Ltd., there is no right or wrong recipe to start a company, passion and drive are the real secrets! Anna, a dynamic woman who started her first company at the age of 18, has enjoyed success in business over the years by staying focused, keeping her eye on every aspect of her business and keeping updated on new packaging mediums and trends…and if there is no available packaging answer, we create one!

Keen motivation and personal qualities are the reason Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd is where it is today. And while Anna has always been self-employed, she continues to challenge herself and her staff to learn and grow, putting Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd. on a larger scale every year. For Apak, every challenge we are faced with, becomes a greater experience, and a way for us to find our true potential. We are always up for the challenge, which is one of the reasons behind Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd. success. APAK Packaging (Pty) Ltd. founded in 2001, a company which started off selling boxes ,has transformed into one of South Africa’s top packaging manufacturers and distributors of packaging mediums in all shapes and forms, constantly launching new products, researching packaging trends and creating packaging answers where the toughest challenges are faced.

Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd., now specialise in general packaging and the addition of made to order custom solutions for all packaging challenges imaginable. Anna and her staff always go the extra mile for all clients, and have found the answer to any packaging conundrum faced to date.

APAK Packaging (Pty) Ltd., which also enjoy the speciality of cold chain medical boxes and gel-branded packs, has just launched their new product, BottleBuddi, manufactured by Apak Packaging (PTY) Ltd. along with a community based project, proudly made by South African hands, currently branching out to Italy, Spain and France. Anna’s company and her team bring her great joy and satisfaction, and it shows in everything they do.







APAK Packaging (Pty) Ltd. strives to supply and advise consumers on the right packaging solutions and offering the correct product at the correct price at the correct time. We aim to be the warehousing and distribution service provider of choice. We strive for consistently high levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction.

To Achieve This We Will:

  • Develop and implement client relationship management strategies that will have long-term gains for all stakeholders.
  • Research the most cost-effective methods of service provision without sacrificing quality.
  • Strive to understand our client’s needs better and aim to meet and exceed them.
  • Develop and implement quality management systems that ensure that we provide services and products right the first time, every time with minimum rework and waste.
  • Manage contracts to ensure prompt delivery according to “just in time” principles and practices that allow delivery to occur earlier or on time.
  • Promote broad based black economic empowerment by employing local community members.


Quality is our obsession. Quality and customer satisfaction is the core of everything we do. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations through our outstanding service provision and optimistic “never-say-die” attitude.

We aim to build a well-recognized brand with a reputation for providing its customers with nothing but the best, at a reasonable price.


  • Leading Cold Chain Packaging Supplier
  • Gel Packs (plain or branded)
  • Polyurethane Medical Boxes
  • Polystyrene Cold Chain Boxes
  • Medical Boxes (plain or branded)
  • Boxes (stock sizes and custom made sizes – plain and printed)
  • Bubble Wrap (as well as all other air related packaging products)
  • Instapak Machinery
  • Polyurethane Foams
  • Pallet Wrap
  • Plastic Bags And Sheeting
  • Protective Mailers
  • Tapes (plain and printed)
  • Labels (plain and printed)
  • All other packaging materials

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