As leading experts in temperature management for perishable commodities, we would appreciate the opportunity to help preserve the quality and integrity of your brand by enforcing the highest standards of cold chain care and precision.


No matter if you are a food processor, wholesaler, pharmaceutical distributor, and any other business dealing in perishable commodities, you can trust in the cold chain management expertise of the Apak Packaging team. We serve the perishables community from end-to-end with a special focus on the pharmaceutical industry.


Our cold chain packaging solutions protects the thermal integrity of your products during last-mile transport to their destination. For over two decades, our insulated box liners, pouches, mailers, and pallet covers have allowed clients to successfully protect their goods against the seasonal ambient temperatures encountered during the transportation of goods.


Apak Packaging designs, manufactures, and tests, a variety of custom temperature-control products for the cold chain shipping industry. All the materials we use provide effective thermal performance, with the added benefit of being space-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Our unique technology, design expertise and materials are what you need.

Since 2001 Apak Packaging has been an innovative supplier of all packaging solutions. We have spent nearly two decades studying, perfecting, and delivering effective packaging and insulated products to companies.


A focus on custom requirements


We thrive on special requirements including custom sizes, extended shipping durations and unique temperature requirements. Apak Packaging is a globally recognised leader in the development and manufacture of temperature-control packaging solutions for the protection of frozen, refrigerated, 2 – 8 °C, and room temperature products.


High-performance products


Our choice of insulated packaging materials, the method of manufacture, and product design all contribute to the net result: outstanding thermal performance against cold and heat.

Apak Packaging have partnered with temperature technology suppliers to provide data loggers for refrigerated transport and include these where necessary in our packaging designs. Apak Packaging’s cold chain products and processes ensure that you receive the best overall cold chain system, equipment, and product protection.


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